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The Conventional Advantage – Why Grow Non-GMO?

Why Plant Galena Genetics Conventional Soybeans?

Seed cost savings, greater yields, and marketing advantages that come from planting Galena Non-GMO soybeans offer today’s professional farmers the opportunity they need to profit in a challenging agricultural economy.

Seed Cost Savings
Galena Genetics conventional Non-GMO soybean seed varieties are not subject to tech fees, a benefit that can save up to $30 per acre in seed expense – a savings that goes directly to your bottom line. Contact us to find out how you can add these savings to your bottom line.

Great Yields, Great Genetics
Galena Genetics soybean seed offers yields greater than or comparable to those of the multi-national seed companies, yet it costs significantly less.  View our Replicated Yield Trials. Our varieties offer outstanding varietal traits for your fields’ specific needs. Find the variety that best meets your needs.

Chemistry for Conventional Soybeans
Chemistry costs for conventional soybean acres are virtually the same as for GMO. Need some ideas?

Non-GMO Premium Markets
As the consumer demand for non-GMO products grows throughout the United States and the world, there are more premium markets becoming available for non-GMO soybeans. With large grocery chains such as Whole Foods and Aldi in the process of switching over to GMO free products, this market is likely to grow close to home, while demand for non-GMO grains overseas remains strong. Here’s one source to locate premium soybean markets.

Galena Genetics Conventional Breeding Program
With our roots in rich Midwestern farm soil, Galena Genetics seed is the product of our own “conventional” Non-GMO soybean breeding program. We breed your success into our soybean genetics. Learn more about Galena’s breeding program.