Trimont, MN 56176
Phone (507) 639-9051

Who We Are

Galena Genetics, LLC, based in Trimont, Minnesota, offers a full line of Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified Organism) soybeans. Lead by Research Team of Dr. Ron Secrist and Bruce Voss, Galena Genetics specializes in soybeans that meet the specific needs of both the farm producer and the soybean processor.

Galena Genetics is locally based, consumer driven, and dedicated to developing the finest genetics that the Midwestern region of the United States can produce. Galena Genetics offers the farm producer soybean brands that grow both their yield in bushels and their profit in dollars.

Galena Genetics’ crop specialists can help you identify the perfect variety to maximize both your yield and your profit. We are here to serve you!